Why purchase diamonds?

The worldwide reserves of diamonds are being depleted and should reach their maximum yield by 2030, while the global demand for diamonds is in constant growth.

Furthermore, diamonds cannot be recycled - which strongly contributes to their rarity. Demand should double by 2020 — a 6% annual growth rate — while production will only be following the steady rate of 2.8% per year.


International Money Exchange

Diamonds are an internationally well-known mode of payment, with diamonds always able to be exchanged for money - no matter the currency. The valuation system for precious stones is entirely standardised and globalised.

Tangible & safe asset

Eternal and invariable, diamonds will always carry value. Completely independent, the price of diamonds is entirely disconnected from currencies, laws, countries, and the performance of other assets. Diamonds are a tangible item and their rewards are real.

When demand exceeds supply

According to the Global Diamond Industry, forecasts are optimistic. The fact that there is more demand than supply and that no major diamond deposits have been discovered for several years means that buyers can expect to be optimistic about a considerable value increase in the long term.

Fiscal Advantages

Diamond which aren’t mounted nor crimped are classified in the furniture category and are taxed on resales for capital gains. Any transaction below €5000 are exonerated of taxes, with VAT not being applied on our diamonds given that they are stored in duty- free zones.

The DIAMONEO platform

The web-based DIAMONEO platform is user-friendly and fully secured, for the purpose of purchasing and reselling of physical diamonds. A market leader, Diamoneo offers a unique technology for individuals and professionals.

The store

Access a wide variety of high-quality diamonds.

The safe
Safekeeping of your diamonds in an ultra-secure vault.

The offers
Resell your diamonds in real time.

Physical withdrawals
Fully-secure home delivery by BRINKS.

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